ELD TRAINING - BTI Special Commodities: 48 State Flatbed Carrier


What is an ELD? 

An ELD (Electronic Logging Device) is a piece of electronic hardware that connects to the engine of a commercial motor vehicle and monitors the vehicle's activity including movement, drive time, and miles driven. The purpose of an ELD is to ensure that commercial drivers are accurately reporting their hours of service (HOS). Many drivers are required by their employer to provide a record of duty status (RODS) to prove that their working hours are in compliance with corporate and federal HOS rules. 

Why should drivers use an ELD? Based on data from the Center for Truck and Bus Safety of Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, drivers using an ELD had a significantly lower total crash rate (11.7% fewer) and a significantly lower preventable crash rate (5.1% fewer) than trucks not equipped with an ELD. 

Please watch the above training video to make sure you completely understand the purpose and functions of and ELD

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