Tom Trusty - Owner                                                                     

BTI Special Commodities, Inc. was founded in 1988. We established a motto early which was "BTI strives to provide high quality equipment, to haul high quality freight, for high quality customers, and to provide high quality wages to high quality drivers".

BTI has been fortune to hire some of the most dedicated drivers/independent contractors in the business. We pride ourselves in saying that 40 of our 91 drivers have attained "Million Mile Driver" status at BTI. That recognition is gained by accumulating one million miles during their tenure with BTI. That is a notable accomplishment that is unusual in our industry. Customers can be assured that their freight is being delivered by experienced and extreme professional drivers.

Professionalism exudes safety. BTI Special Commodities, Inc. was recognized with the Iowa Motor Truck Association’s overall Iowa Grand Champion "Fleet Safety Award" in 1997 and 2007.

BTI Logistics, Inc. was founded in 2007. In just a few short years, John Dickson – Manager, has built a very strong customer and driver base. We specialize in flat bed/drop deck LTL and Truckload shipments. BTI Logistics is based on dependability. Whether you are a customer or driver, we believe that you will be able to depend on the expertise and success of our young, but very successful company.

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