BTI Special Commodities: 48 State Flatbed Carrier
Photo of multiple BTI trucks lined up before departing.
Photo of a BTI Tractor hauling large spools on the road.
Photo of a BTI Tractor on the side of a ride with tractor tires on the flatbed.
Photo of a diesel tractor with construction equipment on the flatbed.
Photo of a parked BTI Tractor with a small load.
Beautiful photo of a parked BTI Tractor at dusk.
Photo of a BTI Special Commodities sign at night.
Photo of two BTI trucks parked next to a field.

BTI Special Commodities, a 48 State Flatbed Carrier

 WELCOME to BTI Special Commodities, Inc. We are very happy you visited our website. BTI is a 48 state Flatbed Carrier based in Des Moines, IA. We currently have 20 company-owned Peterbilts and Kenworths and 10 leased Independent Contractors.  


Please browse through the various sections of our website to see what we have to offer to you. Whether you are a prospective driver looking to join our family or you are a prospective customer looking for a long-term shipping relationship with a quality carrier, you will see information that we hope you find very informative.


Thanks for looking.


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Photo of a BTI tractor loaded with a full flatbed.

If you are interested in joining our team as a driver or independent contractor and would like more information about BTI Special Commodities, please click either link below

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