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As a flatbed trucking company, our motto has always been the same: "BTI strives to provide high quality equipment, to haul high quality freight, for high quality customers, and to provide high quality wages to high quality drivers".

We have been fortunate to hire some of the most dedicated drivers/independent contractors in the business. We pride ourselves in saying that 21 of our drivers and Independent Contractors have attained "Million Mile Driver" status at BTI as well as 9 at the Two Million Mile level and 1 at 3 Million Miles. Customers can be assured that their freight is being delivered by experienced and extremely professional drivers.

Professionalism exudes safety, so with our logistics services we also deal with customized shipping. BTI is fully stocked with high quality company flatbed trucking equipment. From flatbed trucks to tractor trailers; browse all of the equipment and features you’ll enjoy as a BTI company driver.

Photo of BTI diesel mechanic team of Randy, Josh, Clay, and Shane.


Meet our dedicated team of diesel mechanics who keep our trucks and trailers in top shape and mechanically sound. Because of their hard work, service failures due to mechanical problems are greatly reduced. (From left to right, Randy, Josh, Clay, and Shane.)

If you are interested in joining our team as a driver or independent contractor and would like more information about BTI Special Commodities, learn more about our CDL driving careers.

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